Voluntary Group Long Term Disability Insurance

Allen Parish School Board is proud to offer disability benefits for district employees from Reliance Standard.

What features are included in my plan?

  • Conversion Privilege
  • Extended Disability Benefit
  • Own Occupation – 24 months
  • Specific Indemnity Benefit
  • Survivor Benefit – 6 times your gross monthly benefit
  • Work Incentive and Child Care Expense Benefit
  • Worksite Modification

Are there any additional services available under this plan?

  • Travel Assistance Service
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Identity Theft Recovery Services

Reliance Standard Benefit Summary

 Important Contact Information

 For claims service, please contact:

 Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
Long Term Disability Claims
2001 Market Street, Suite 1500
Philadelphia, PA 19103
 Toll Free: (800) 351-7500
 Fax: (267) 256-3548

 For other customer service inquiries, please contact:

 Customer Service Center
 Toll Free: (800) 351-7500

 Website: http://www.reliancestandard.com/