Life Insurance with Long Term Care

Valuable Life Insurance Protection Through Age 120!

  • LifeTime Benefit Term life insurance up to $150,000 for eligible actively at work employees.
  • Life base insurance premiums are guaranteed never to increase
    through age 100.
  • No medical exams required. Issuance of coverage depends upon
    answers to a few health questions.
  • Provides paid-up death benefit values after only five years, so if you decide to stop paying premiums at some time in the future, you are guaranteed paid-up coverage of a reduced amount.

Flexible! You have the option to:

  • Continue your coverage at the same premium; or
  • Elect paid-up insurance coverage of a reduced amount after 5 years with no further premium payments—Guaranteed!
  • Fully portable – you own it and take it with you when you leave your employment.
  • Spouse and child coverage is available.
  • Based on current interest rate assumptions the death benefit is designed to remain level through average life expectancy. In the event of a long term decline in interest rates, your coverage does contain a guarantee ensuring that the initial death benefit will last for the longer of 25 years or to age 70 and thereafter can never be less than 50% of your initial death benefit.

How LifeTime Benefit Term with Long Term Care works

  • A 35-year-old non-smoker can purchase $50,000 of coverage including the Accelerated Death Benefit for Long Term Care and Terminal Illness with Extension of Benefits for $32.71 monthly.
  • Long Term Care benefit of $2,000 (4% of $50,000) per month would be available for up to 75 months.
  • Long Term Care benefit reduces the death benefit by an equal amount.

Depending on your needs:

  • 100% of the death benefit amount can be paid to your beneficiary if no LTC benefits are used, or
  • 100% of the Long Term Care benefit amount can be paid to you, if care is needed, or
  • Any remaining death benefit less any Long Term Care benefits received will be paid to your beneficiary.

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